Thursday, August 25, 2005

hello kitty roller rescue

i *heart* little girly games. i'm not ashamed to admit that. they're cute, they're bright and you can get a contact sugar high just from picking up the box!

here's the next game i'm going to get. (after "we love katamari damacy", of course.) it's "hello kitty roller rescue"!

hello kitty roller rescue

you get to roller skate around with a magic wand. and you get to eat cake to restore your energy. AND there are clothes. LOTS AND LOTS OF CLOTHES to wear!

how. frickin'. awsome!!!


HappyGillmore said...


What a kick!

This totally reminds me of this book I'm reading by Marian Keyes called, "The Other Side of the Story". Here's a quote from her character Gemma:

"I have also become fixated with the idea of owning a Hello Kitty toaster. It's so cute, and--get this--it puts the Hello Kitty face on the slices of toast."

So funny!

Later on she wants to get a magic wand and Barbie rucksack...

Are you outta here tomorrow?

Did you check out that A9 site?

We were super busy today and I haven't had a chance to check on anyone's blogs today...

r4kk4 said...

HAHAH!! thanks! :D!

oh my goodness! i'll have to read the marian keyes book when i get a new library card! thank you!! :D!

i'm out of here on monday. but i lose internet connection tomorrow morning when we cut off the cable.

but i'll be posting things here and there. i'll get those urls up first thing tomorrow! :D!

HappyGillmore said...

Good luck with everything!!! Have a great weekend and I look forward to following your trip 'cross country!

Enjoy the midwest...woo....hoo...

be sure to have LOTS of coffee for that part of the drive ;-)