Friday, August 19, 2005

dance floors and talk shows/hot dogs, no doz

my insomnia is back hardcore.

i've been feeling it creeping around late at night but i'd kept it at bay with melatonin. however, last night, even after two of those lovely pills, *BAM!!* thar she no dozes.

i must have been grinding my teeth like crazy too because my molars are KILLING me this morning. and i feel all tweaked. kind of like the christ figure in this stoner bird photo.

stoner b1rdz

in good news, i've learned how to say "we love katamari damacy" in japanese! "minna daisuki katamari damacy"! so, hooray for that!

and, this just in!! leff found more boxes!!!




HappyGillmore said...

Link to amazing deer to make you feel better!

So many photos, but so awesome!


r4kk4 said...

OH!!! thank you!!

(i added your bro as a contact but somehow i missed these photos!)

HappyGillmore said...

sorry, my bad...he's got 2 Flickr accts because i think on his giantmeme one, he went over the monthly amount allowed, so he opened a "daninjapan" acct....oops!

r4kk4 said...

THAT'S how i missed it!

(if i'd known you guys earlier i coulda' gifted you both pro accounts. they gave people that had joined early two pro accounts each to give away and leff (jason) wasted his on two of our friends that'll never use them. sigh... oh, well...)

HappyGillmore said...

oh, that's okay. Thanks for the afterthought, that's what counts!

Also, if you want to just quickly get a glimpse of the deer, jump over to my happy gillmore blog...i had to, just had to!

r4kk4 said...

i'll do just that!

i hadn't seen that you'd posted! i haven't checked my bloglines feeds yet today. sorry. *sheepish grin*

HappyGillmore said...

hey! No worries! You're supposed to be busy packing! I haven't posted in a while...I took they day off yesterday to spend oh, let's see, about $300 on vintage French art...yeah, I know. Joe will KILL me if he finds out how much. I'll be taking photos and posting them once I get them back from cool.

r4kk4 said...


did you get some lithos or etchings??

$300 is tres inexpensive for art! ;D trust me. leff would KILL me if i actually bought art instead of trading for it! HAHAHAH!!

i can't wait to see those photos!

HappyGillmore said...

Aren't they so RAD??? They are so great that I'm allowed to use that word. RAD! RAD! RAD!!!

r4kk4 said...

totally rad!! HAHAHA!!

HappyGillmore said...

when i saw them i felt that giddiness that i used to get all the time when i was a know, when things used to excite us, even silly little things? yeah...this totally made my day, heck, my weekend!

r4kk4 said...

that's something i can totally understand!!

it did the same for me!! so thank you again!! :D!

HappyGillmore said...

anytime!! have a great day if for some reason we actually get busy here at work...hope not!!!