Tuesday, August 09, 2005

seattle eateries

i found a link to the last article penelope corcoran wrote for the seattlepi through seattle bon vivant.

blue c sushi, goldberg's deli (which reminds me! i can eat lox and bagels again!! mmmmmm!! i'm drooling at the thought!), salvadorean bakery (1719 S.W. roxbury st.),seven stars pepper szechuan restaurant (1207 S. jackson st., ste. 211), szechuan noodle bowl (420 eighth ave. S), sahara restaurant (4752 university way N.E.) and taqueria el riconsito (15101 ambaum blvd. S.W) all look really fantastic!

do any of you prior/current seattlites have any recommendations as to your favorite place to chow down? particularly those in the queen anne, freemont, ballard areas with a veggie option available? (although we'll eat anywhere in town! food = good!)

stace-a-roo says there's a really great indian place in queen anne but she can't remember the name. any ideas as to what it might be called? (sorry, i don't even have a street address.)

thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!


HappyGillmore said...

Okay, hmmmm....I have a list of about 5,000 places to eat...I'm probably going to have to email them to you.

did you guys get a spot on Queen Anne???? That was the last place i lived when I was there!! It's such a great part of town to live...you will absolutely LOVE it.

Here's one to chew on:

The 5 Spot Cafe...Queen Anne Av and W. Galer St...at the 5 point intersection...They change their theme every month, when we were there this past May, it was Georgia...read more about it on my crystal clear consciousness blog dated somewhere around May 30th...can't miss it because it's a blog entry that's a mile long.

Also, when my bro gets back from Japan, I'll have him email me a list...he and his veg friends know all the spots around town.

r4kk4 said...

hahah!! i'd HEARD that seattle was a food town!

and FANTASTIC!!! we'd been looking in ballard, freemont, queen anne and capitol hill and managed to get a 1940's apt in queen anne!

and i'm telling you, i can't WAIT to move ther!

the 5 spot sounds WONDERFUL!! thank you!! i'll check out that blog entry as well!!

your bro sounds too cool! it's nice to know there are so many veg places! (they're rather hard to find in memphis, as i'm sure you can imagine.)

thanks so much for all of your info!! you're too cool!