Friday, June 03, 2005

catching up

so what's been up with rakka, you may ask. well, you may ask if you're bored and trying to kill some time by reading this nonsense.

well, let's start with saturday. leff and i went to el destructo's memorial day bash and man, oh, man what a party it was indeed! i mean, check out his recycling bin! (thanks again for inviting us destructo, my man! great party!)

i started a new game of animal crossing and i've been playing it as obsessively as i've always played animal crossing. i won't dwell on it because i could go on at length. please let me stop before i start.

food and drink wise, it's been diet coke with splendasplendasplenda and hawaiian pizza. mmmm, i love hawaiian pizza! the fake ham! the pineapple! the cheeeeeeese! (the craving started when groc uploaded this photo. evil groc!)

big into plants right now. (i can hear katty kat saying "right now?!?!" heh heh!) i've managed to get both of the mini roses that leff acquired on admin assistant's day (tee hee! haha!) to bloom again. i also picked up some african violets. we'll see how long it takes for me to kill them. (i always do.)

i've also got plans to make a terrarium in the near future. like, this weekend if possible. and if i can pick up a bonsai or an orchid as well, i'll be pretty happy.

reading the new haruki murakami book, kafka on the shore which is, of course, fantastic and rereading some arthurian legend (malroy's le morte d'arthur). i'm still trying to get ruth riechl's and sarah vowell's new books from the library, damn it!

and, that's pretty much all she wrote. oh, except that the last ms. marple "mystery" ("the body in the library" with joanna lumley EEEEP!!) is on sunday. and also that leff has been playing disgaea, so i fall asleep hearing penguins shout "DOOOOOOOD!". i guess i can't complain.


Brian W. said...

heya! i'm still trying to get back into the swing of life on-line after major personal and work destractions....

animal crossing looks like a blast, but i'm totally out of the loop on games. the murakami sounds very interesting and i've been on the list for the reichl book FOREVER. i think i'm number three...OOH! i just rechecked and i'm actually number ONE--which means i'm next. good think i didn't buy the other day, i was awfully tempted.

did you find a good terarium book? i've been threatening to make one forever--and my boyfriends just kind of snickers at me. they have a great, tall skinny lidded jar at target that i think i'm going to get. when i was a kid, we made terariums out of 2 liter bottles AND the macrame hangers to put them in...

hope you're groovy, more on flickr real darn soon.

brian aka kitchenknife

r4kk4 said...

hey, brian!!

oh, i hope everything is ok! the whole "personal distractions" sounds a bit worrying!

but then again, it could be GOOD personal distrations!

lucky you!! let me know how the reichl book is! i'm still scouring the library every chance i get. (it's still a non request book in memphis. grrr!)

you should TOTALLY make a terrarium! :P to the bfs!! i haven't made one yet since i haven't really been anywhere but the grocery store as of late, but soon, veeeery soon!

oooh!!! macrame hangers!!! tres chic!!

it's good to see you around again!! take care!