Friday, June 17, 2005

illustration friday (b & w) and some other stuff

here's my quick, quick scribbly drawing for this week's illustration friday.

illustration friday--b & w

while i was at the grocery store today, an older gentleman handed me a magnolia bloom. he had a bag full of them that he was handing out to all the women in the store. that's the nicest surprise i've had in a while! i mean, how sweet! i took his photo, but i'm not posting it--i forgot to ask if he would mind.

additionally, i am the world's greatest girlfriend. (oh, i am.) not only did i buy leff a father's day card for him to send to his father but, and this is a huge but, indeed, almost a bubble but (snicker, tee hee), i managed to find one that wasn't venom filled and/or terribly spriteful. see how great of a girlfriend i am! do you realize how hard it was for me to behave in this situation?!? (i SO wanted to find a venom filled one!!) i am so wonderful that i deserve, like, ten cookies. HAHAHAHA!!!

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