Sunday, June 26, 2005

hot hot heat

oh, it's hot. and it's smoggy. and humid. and i'm melting...

how hot is it? it's so hot that leff and i have started freezing articles of clothing. i won't tell you which articles of clothing. i'll just say that they fit under the ice cube trays and leave it at that.

also, the cats are drinking ice water and the couch is covered in bedsheets (they're cooler than the couch fabric).

we nixed the idea of throwing a tarp on the living room floor so we could fill a kiddie pool with ice water and watch nature documentaries. (we don't want to risk getting water damage in the living room.) but i think we're going to throw an indoor beach party with the bathtub subbing as the ocean. an ice filled ocean. *grinning*

it's true. memphis summers will make you lose your mind.

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