Thursday, June 16, 2005

cleaning house

in an effort to keep myself from purging my entire flickr account, i've decided just to dump all my groups including those that i admin. (although, not the ones that i co-admin. so if i'm co-admining with you, please don't worry. i'm not going anywhere.)

i've managed to find new admin for several of the groups that i started but there are still three left. if anyone would like to have any of those groups (animalapropism (which needs serious pruning in the group pool), same place, same time or pandas) just let me know (either in comments here or in the group threads on flickr titled "looking for admin") and the whole group is yours. or you can have all three. or just two. whatever.

none of them are particularly active (in reality, they're all fairly dead) so admining's a breeze. i just can't stomach the thought of belonging to groups anymore.


Brian W. said...

i thought it was just me--busy with other things--but apparently flickr burnout is sweeping the site. is there a cure? a support group? should we write a book 'life after flickr'? surely there is a way out of the dark, pit back into the light...

r4kk4 said...

oh no! it's not just you. a lot of the people that were there early on have gotten burned out. (myself included)

"life after flickr" would be a fantastic book! hahahha!!!

i think that giving it a break for a while is really the only answer. not even a free flickr tshirt is going to help me at this point.