Saturday, June 25, 2005

monster barrage

ever have one of those ideas for a series/project that isn't fully formed yet but, at the same time, will not budge from the front of your brain making simple things like, oh, reading or even doing the dishes next to impossible?

welcome to my morning.

i've been kicking around the idea of faking histories for a while now. i don't mean things like identity theft or con artist crap. i'm not a criminal. i want to write impractical histories and fabricate the objects that would typically authenticate and place them in their proper context. (you know, lost texts, bones, pottery, etc)

previous ideas have included creating a "lost" painter (and painting all of his works myself) and discovering an ancient cult based on robot worship. yeah, i know, it sounds nuts. and it doesn't help that the concept is difficult to explain. (it has its roots in mid '90s installation art, if that helps to get the point across. i want to create everything---even down to the explanatory foamcore blurbs hung next to the items and the font used to announce the exhibit.)

while i think the other ideas have merit, i'm not sure that i want either of those particular subjects to be my first attempt in the all inclusive fake-o-rama art spectacular. it's been bumming me out a bit.

but that's when it hit me! urban legends!! more specifically, MONSTER urban legends a la bigfoot, nessie, the bray road beast, etc. i mean, these animals are sheer chicanery! perfect! AND they're SUPREMEMLY mulitimedia! (websites, books, documentaries, oh, the things i can make! (if it's done well enough, could i get a mention on snopes??! eep!!))

ok, here's where i ask you a question--what sort of faked animal would be most interesting to you? are you into the hominid stylings of bigfoot or do you prefer the reptillian? how about a combo of the two? do you like griffins? whatever it is, i'd really like to know!

ok, thanks for reading. i think i'll be able to do the dishes now.


Anonymous said...

I seriously wanted to be a cryptozoologist when I grew up.

Think I prefer the Thing In The Woods that has 15 different shape descriptions.

Hey, here's a fun site:


Santos said...

i like half-human half-whatever creatures. half-man, half-flying goat. half-woman, half-fish. half-boy, half-submarine sandwich.

Brian W. said...

i had a similar idea and wanted to create a whole professorish persona and give fabricated lectures--nothing ever came of it.

mermaids and minotaurs!

r4kk4 said...

hee hee! how fantastic would it be to be a cryptozoologist, matt? it's not too late! (you know, i might ask you to be an "expert" in the documentary if/when i ever bet around to making it. what do you think?? that's almost as cool as being a real life cryptozoologist! (and thanks for the link!)

the thing in the woods leaves things open for MANY interpretations!!

and i ADORE half human, half whatever animals, santos!! fantatic! thank you!! (now....what could you do in the documentary....hmmm......want to be an eyewitness? or how about being one of "ths sane ones"? HAHAHA!! i love those people on the bigfoot shows the best!)

did i mention that i love the half sub sammich the best. it's super edible!

oh! kk! you'll have to be an expert witha differing opinion what with you professor persona idea!!

oh! looks like the hybrid animals are leading in the exit polls! hee hee!

r4kk4 said...

oh, might i add that if/when any fake documentary gets made, it's going to be a while. i've not gotten accepted to grad school yet and everything's still in the research phase at the moment.

Nyx said...

Tolkein did it! You can too ;D

r4kk4 said...

thank, nyx!

but i seriously doubt i'll be making anything THAT complex. i mean, i'm not going to be inventing languages or anything.