Sunday, June 19, 2005

dr. who knew it was so good??

i have to admit, i've never been a big fan of "dr. who". not actually going so far as to call it "dr. who gives a @#@$", just being ambivalent about the whole thing. i reserve my hatred for all things "star trek".

surely, everyone knows that there is a new "dr. who" series, right? starring christopher eccleston and billie piper? yeah, i thought you'd heard of it.

anyway, leff has been gobbling these up for the past few months. every week he would be glued to the computer watching the latest episode and fairly dancing with joy when it was finished. but even his praise of the show wasn't enough to make me watch it. (he likes "star trek", you see.)

groc, however, finally persuaded me to watch the series. (he said that it was "buffy good". also, groc likes 60s spy shows like "the prisoner" and "the avengers". and he was responsible for getting me hooked on "buffy" in the first place. by this, i mean that i trust his judgement in all things entertainment explicitly.)

i cannot thank him enough!

i've watched six episodes so far (three a day) and i'm absolutely HOOKED! so, THANK YOU, groc!!! and THANK YOU new "dr. who" people!!!

the only down side is that there are only seven more episodes left for me to devour. sigh......


Groc said...

you're welcome

(blimey this has been up here for yonks before i noticed it. eeep!)


r4kk4 said...

i shoulda' emailed you about it again! hee hee!

i finished the whole series last night. WOW! so, you know, thanks again!