Wednesday, June 15, 2005


i'm going flexitarian. by that, i mean that i'm going to start eating fish again. why? well, i've had a particularly bad headache for the past three days that refuses to go away. (this sort of headache is getting frighteningly frequent.) after talking to groc, who knows about these things, i've decided to see if eating fish will alleviate my migraine problems.

if you happen to be one of the people who knows how long i've been doing the veggie thing (and you know who you are), please don't get sanctimonious about my new choice in food consumption. because i'll kick you in the shins. hard. you've been warned.

yes, leff and i have talked things over. it's possible for there to be one veggie and one flexie in the same household esp. if the one eating meat doesn't flaunt that fact in front of the non meat eater. and i don't plan on doing that.

so there, bombshell dropped. that wasn't so bad, was it?


Lisa B. said...

I've decided that I'm a flexitarian, too. Last night I had a ceviche de mariscos at a Salvadoran restaurant just because I was fixated on ceviche--it was an incredible craving. Later, in the middle of the night, I got a migraine AND indigestion, so I was being punished! But I completely understand your choice. I hate it when people get all sanctimonious about their dietary choices and give others a hard time--meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans are all equally guilty of it. Shut up and let me eat what I want!

If I had a horrid migraine and I thought easting steak would get rid of it (it's worked in the past), I'd eat the damn steak. I'm no martyr.

Dr Pepper helps me sometimes--you should try it (if you havn't already!)

Lisa B. said...

That should have been "ating" steak, not "easting." I dopn't even know how to east a steak.

Aine said...

I totally support your decision. I've actually thought about doing the same thing. In our family, we adults are the vegetarians and the kids are meat-eaters. And we co-exist just fine.

Hope the migraines go away, far away!

r4kk4 said...

mmmmmm....cerviche!! mmmmm!!!

oh, how awful about your migraine and indigestion! nooo!!

i'm really glad that you guys understand. it's not been that easy of a decision. a lot of it having to do with making sure that leff was ok with it.

dr. pepper is FANTASTIC, pants!! but i've forsaken it for diet coke. when diet dr. pepper starts being made with splenda, however, i WILL switch back!!

(maybe you east a steak by rustling it to the lower pasture? HAHHAA!!)

thanks so much, d!! it's GREAT to know that a family unit can coexist with veg and nonveg. (i ate meat when i lived in my nuclear family. the ex who was a carnivore while i was veggie never ate at the same time as me since we had very different schedules.)

and THANK YOU! i hope the migraines go east with pants' steak! HAHAH!! (j/k, pants!)