Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NOW i get it!

paula deen's cooking show is on the tv right now and i just heard her say the most bizarre thing.

she was making fried okra and while she was breading it, she said that it's sometimes called"southern popcorn".

i've always known that i had a major disconnect with most u.s. southerners but i didn't quite understand why. now i totally get it. it's because i don't call fried okra "southern popcorn". i call it "that gross ass mushy fried okra crap".


Lisa B. said...

I've never heard it called Southern Popcorn, but I must admit I love fried okra!! A couple of years ago we had a drought and my garden was pretty much a wasteland except for the okra, which was extremely happy and prolific. I made lots of fried okra--it's best when you make it yourself--really not mushy at all!!

Mr. Pants, however, will not eat okra.

r4kk4 said...

aw, hell. so much for my theory about why i don't fit in here...

hmmmm....maybe i'd try fried okra if it was homemade by someone i trust. (ie--you and not one of the blue hairs whose houses that i had to eat sunday lunch at while padre was making the sunday lunch rounds.)


although i might be siding with mr. pants.