Friday, June 24, 2005


i've just added julia child's "the french chef" to my netflix queue! (i didn't even know the shows were out on dvd until i saw a review of them on the amateur gourmet! i suppose the dvd release coincided with the american masters about julia (or vice versa)that was on, oh, about two weeks ago? great documentary, btw.)

while i'm writing about pbs, HOORAY!, the house didn't cut $100 million from their budget! big sigh of relief about that!

although, patricia s. harrison, the co-chair of the republican national committee from 1997 to 2001, has now been named as pbs' new president. which is probably why the house granted the reprieve in the first place. it's making my stomach turn.

does anyone in the u.k. want a sister? i cook pretty well and i can sing lots of old timey 'merican folk songs while clogging and/or square dancing. that's always good for a laugh. any takers? canada? australia?? new zealand?? anyone??

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