Monday, June 13, 2005

high profile traffic

(a note before we begin--i have not been following the michael jackson child molestation case. i will not follow it if it goes to appeals court. likewise, i did not follow the oj simpson trial and i won't be giving you my opinion on the verdict. thanks, the management.)

a few moments ago, i found myself with a wicked headache watching the michael jackson motorcade on its way to the courthouse for the verdict. (muted, of course) and i thought "huh. kind of deja vu."

you see, all the way back in the oj simpson days, i also had a wicked headache and just happened to be watching tv when oj was booking it down the interstate in his white bronco. (it was muted then as well.)

so i'm wondering, what is it with me and motorcades/police chases on california highways? after a small amount of thinking (i still have the wicked headache so cognition isn't much fun right now) i realized why i'm so transfixed--i'm always wondering what the other motorists sharing the road are thinking. and that makes me laugh.

ok, back to my headache.

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