Monday, June 13, 2005

of cabbages and kings

well, ok not kings. but i did make two kinds of cole slaw this weekend.

first off, i've found my new bag.


it simply must be mine. and since i've been looking for a new bag for a while, it simply WILL be mine. so there.
(bag at spiral and circle, btw.)

i'm suffering a major flickr burnout. i don't know if it's because i've been so busy packing that i'm exhausted or if the list of things that i have to do every time i log in to the site has gotten so long that i just don't even know where to start that it's wearing me out...but there's something.
i'm trying to give it a break since i know that i'm capable of getting super frustrated with things and just not. doing. them. ever. again. but i care too much about the contacts that i've made to just up and leave.
so i'll continue to post at least one photo a day to let people know that i'm not dead/maimed/in rehab and comment when time allows. hopefully, i'll find a happy medium (besides acrylics. wah-wah. ba-doom-chick!).

but not all things are dire. leff in his unfailing coolness has found a roller derby in seattle for me! somehow he intuited my real sadness about not moving to austin included not just missing sxsw again but also not getting the chance to see austin roller derby and, most especially, the h2hos. (we got to see the h2hos last august! (by see, i mean, i heard what they were doing but it was so crowded that even tall, tall me couldn't see over the hordes. it was still fantastic, however.)) hooray for leff!

wow. that was a long ramble. i think i'll go read more of word freak. (oh, i finished assassination vactation this weekend. it was fabulous! still haven't gotten a copy of garlic and sapphires however. big sigh...)

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