Friday, July 01, 2005


i just realized that padre and my step mom are visting next week! ack!! ACK!!!! *freaking out!* *hyperventilating* *STRESSING OUT!!!*(but praise be to the hotel gods for finding a place for them to stay!)

oi vey! what a damn exhausting month july is turning out to be. wake me when i'm in seattle will you?


"The REAL Gillmore Girl" said...


So weird! Okay, I'm a Seattleite that's been transplanted in NYC for the past, well, almost 6 years now. Gemini as (giantmeme is his call hoo!), also a Gemini--7 years, 2 days and 2 minutes apart, lives in Seattle and is currently in Japan for over a month visiting his s.o. who's teaching engrish for a year in Katsutadai (sp?) Anywhoo, if you need any info on Seattle, just drop me a line--2 blogs: and 2. (most recent) Oh, and a LJ (my bro got me into it) username gillmoli. I just find that there really are so many people out there that share so many interests and opinions and it's so effin' great that we have been blessed with the internet so we can connect with these folks. Btw, Magnolia Bakery is THE BEST! They also make Banana Pudding with whole Nilla Wafers! I think tonight after our sushi binge we'll have to make a special trip down to the W.Vill for a treat. I found your blog through Patrick H. over at thebuzzlist. Keep it up! You definitely have me looking forward to having many laffs when I'm at the horror called "the jobby-job". ~Lissa (as in Melissa sans Me-) NYC

r4kk4 said...

wow! how cool is it that we have so much in common, trgg?

thanks for the tips! i might take you up on that offer about answering my seattle questions!

i'm loving your blog!! can't wait to read more!!

"The REAL Gillmore Girl" said...

Thanks for the blog support, which is more than I can say for a lot of folks! (esp those blogger buttheads) But anyway, I wanted to give you the official link to Patrick's buzz list. Okay, here's the link:,19513,,00.html

it's no.7 let me know if it doesn't work.

He and his buddy Steve at are true comedians without even trying. They're both up here in NY as well. Patrick was kind enough to reply to my many questions about writing and how he got his gig I am a loyal reader of his buzz list.

Oh, one other note, once you've gone through the massive "War and Peace" aka my Crystal Clear Confusion blog, check out my new blog at Happy Gillmore blogspot. I finally got the darn thing to work. Stupid blogger.

Sorry, enough of the rant. Btw, the pretzels look great!