Monday, July 25, 2005

of things and stuff

most of today i've needed to take a deep breath to keep from bitch slapping someone.

*deep breath* look at the deer, rakka....

luther in the grass

ah, that's better. anyway, moronic apartment managers aside,(that's where the aforementioned bitch slapping comes in, in case you haven't guessed) it's been a decent day. i got some fantastic things in the mail from irregular shed, bunchofpants and bigaldavies! AND i got to watch my fill of zombie/alien/ghost/satanist shows on scifi while leff was at work. (in search of... it sucks so much and yet i'm repeatedly drawn to it.)

i would also mention that i'm excited about the new readymade arriving too but it's about babies. and we all know how i feel about babies, right? specifically ME and babies?? (ie--it's never, ever, EVER fucking happening!!!!) i suppose it'll come in handy though since all of my friends seem to be popping out puppies these days.....

have i mentioned that i'm supremely irritable and cranky as it's 101 f / 39 c outside? ungh.....

*looking at the deer again*

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