Monday, July 11, 2005

more things

don't ever work for an internet company with the area code of 404. you're just tempting the fates.

there is a religious mini golf course in lexington, ky. i suppose you can get a holy in one. (waaa-waaaaah! ba doom chink!)

if you have a very vivid dream in which you share a round house with joanne worley, rosalind russell and various other dark haired ladies from the '50's-'70's. and in this dream, joanne worley steals your 5" light blue maribou heel (the right one) to make you late for your audition. DON'T try to figure out what the dream means. you'll just give yourself a headache.


leff said...

Or rather, never take a job with an internet company that doesn't use email.

That 404 link is funny, by the way. It took me a minute.

Anonymous said...

wow! what an amazing dream...i think you should do a collage based on it...

brian aka kitchenknife

r4kk4 said...

heh heh! i was trying to be stealthy with the 404 link, leff.

oh, thanks, kk! i just might once i get to where i can unpack my art supplies! :D!