Monday, July 18, 2005

all mixed up

argh! i'm trying to put together a mix cd for pazzo ragazzo and it's just not working!

anybody else ever have trouble getting started? what do you do when you're stuck? come on b boys, b girls, superstar djs and assorted rock stars, i need some help!


Anthony said...

It's a bit like Michaelangelo. You just start with a big chunk of songs you like and then chisel away the ones that don't look like the mix CD you want.

r4kk4 said...

ah!! now THAT'S something i've got to try!

sometimes it takes me forever to find the first song. if i try it your way, it might not be so painful! thanks!!

Lisa B. said...

One theory: The first song should be something that you like more every time you hear it ... preferably a bit upbeat and energizing.

Then, it's serendipitous/stream-of-consciousness the rest of the way. I usually either listen to the first song and browse my playlist for another that jumps out at me and says "I'll go next" or I put iTunes on "shuffle" until a suitable candidate comes up. Sometimes I already have a 2 or 3 song block in my head and just have to figure out where it goes in relation to the other songs. (I also love pairing completely different styles side-by-side, which is frowned upon by some playlisters ... I'm a rebel!)

Or I just throw a bunch of good songs together and monkey the the order until it sounds reasonable!

r4kk4 said...

you guys always come through for me at exactly the right time!

i've been using anthony's method and i've gotten 45 minutes worth of music that way! but i've just worked myself into a corner with a peggy lee latin styled broadway musical number, so now i'm going to load up the playlist a la pants!


you guys rock! thanks so much!