Monday, July 18, 2005


snap's, art nahpro's and wasted papiers' collage collaboration blog scrapiteria got a mention on mefi the other day!!!

congrats to all of you!!! it's a wonderful, wonderful site with the greatest collages by the coolest people!!!

if you haven't looked at scrapiteria yet, please do! it's simply fantastic!


scrapatorium said...

Oh hey R! Thanks so much for the heads up! So glad you like the site. I'm glad I started it. I really love the work of those guys and thought it would be fun...and it is!

On another note, can you send me an email at I have a package for you, but wanted to know if you want me to wait until you move.

r4kk4 said...

you're welcome!!

you know, i don't know where you find the energy to make such incredible things all the time! but i'm glad that you do!!

you're too sweet!! you know you don't have to send me a package! but thank you!