Friday, July 01, 2005


i debated whether or not to write about this, but then i decided that i can't write about food, tv (although i did watch an entire season of "america's top model" yesterday. how embarrassing!) and hello kitty all the time, so why the hell not.

yesterday saw a bit of drama at the rakka/leff household. an apartment on the fifth floor of our building caught on fire. (we're on the third floor, opposite side of the building.) it was contained rather quickly although the firefighters had to work in shifts due to the 100 degree heat (37 c) outside.

there is a rumor that it was arson since the fire was in an abandonned apartment. i can't confirm or deny that statement at the moment, however. (edit: it was not arson. some idiot had vacated the apt and left a computer plugged in. we had a power surge and the surge protector that the computer was plugged into overheated thus causing the fire.)

i was most concerned about our cats since i had to evacuate the apt quickly. this meant, unfortunately, stuffing them into pillowcases to keep them calm and then loading said pillowcases into a laundry basket. not the greatest solution, i'll admit, but i was under a deadline.

thankfully, a neighbor let me keep the cats in her air conditioned car so they weren't in the heat for very long. they seemed to have bounced back from the situation rather quickly! the only difference in behavior being that they now follow me around the house in pack formation everywhere i go. (cute kitties! hee hee!)

i'm fine but utterly exhausted and a bit scratched up due to ava. so i'll be sleeping today.

ok, i hope that was all stated matter of factly and that i didn't give anyone a dose of histrionics. let me state once again that everything is fine. our apt wasn't damaged. in fact, it doesn't even smell like smoke anymore. and that all of us are hunky dorey! except for being tired. very, very tired.

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