Sunday, July 24, 2005

their milkshakes are better than yours

(sorry about that title)

is it obvious that leff and i are trying to get in as much sightseeing in our own town as possible before we move? because we are. i'm not coming back to memphis for anything if i can help it. (sorry, katty kat and milk king.)

anyway, i've being thinking about stopping by the wiles-smith drugstore on union ave ever since this kid from chattanooga told me that they had the best milkshakes in memphis. (that was in 1997)

fast forward eight years and i finally get around to it. was it worth the wait? oh, hell yes! i wish i'd gone there sooner!


we both got the extra thick shakes. (i got strawberry and leff got chocolate.) "extra thick" is not a misnomer by any means! i had to use a spoon to eat most of it!

wiles-smith itself exists in a time warp. it's the self proclaimed "oldest pharmacy in memphis" and i don't doubt it one bit! in addition to still having a lunch counter with original boomerang patterning, there is a stuffed porcupine (??) and a postcard rack with crappy memphis postcards for 35 cents. also, i don't believe the "witticisms" posted on the walls have changed since the '50s. (with the exception of a jab at clinton and a note about six terrorists.)

if you're planning on visting memphis (why you would do that i'll never know, but i'm sure you have your reasons.) you must stop by. parking is a bitch as it's in an older strip of buildings right on union ave, but it's worth it. those shakes.....mmmmmmm!

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