Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a brief apology

i'm sorry for all the blue language lately. i tend to curse when i'm stressed out and it's a billion degrees outside.

unfortunately for you, i've been experiencing both of those things lately.

sorry. i'll try to keep it clean and rated "e" for everyone instead of "t" for teen from now on.

which is a funny thing to say on a blog called "glitter pissing" but there we are. heh heh


Scootie said...

what 'blue' language? so far you've only used words I learned from my parents in 2nd grade :)
(but then my father is a plumber)
(from australia)

apology rejected :)

r4kk4 said...

i've been effing it up all over the place these past few days.

(no one's complained, mind. it's a preemptive apology that i've got my silly reasons for. (i.e.--padre now has access to the internet).

he's an ex minister (from the u.s.) that gets onto me for being so sailorish vocab wise. (just call me mc worthy! ba dom chink!) (geedit, m sea worthy? whaaa haa haaa!)

maybe i'll give you another apology for xmas. haha!