Wednesday, July 20, 2005

quelle dilemma!

turner classic movies has been showing audrey hepburn movies every wednesday night this month.

tonight the first movie is breakfast at tiffany's, one of my favorite movies ever. (well, except for the ending. she's not supposed to go back to hannibal from the ateam, she's supposed to go on to brasil, damn it! truman capote knew what he was writing! argh!)

anyway, breakfast is on at that same time as the bob newhart episode of american masters. i heart bob newhart. the bob newhart show still makes me collapse in fits of giggles. (newhart not quite so much and i won't even give you a link to bob but you have to respect a man that names all of his shows after himself. HAHA!)

so what's it to be? audrey hepburn or bob newhart? (i'm thinking bob newhart. i've seen breakfast at tiffany's, like, fifty times.)

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