Friday, July 22, 2005

howl's moving castle

Howl3 Originally uploaded by Kimberelly.
leff reminded me earlier that i hadn't blogged about seeing this movie yet!

"how the hell did i let that happen?" i wondered. and then i remembered. riiight, i went to the candy store....

i'm so predictable.

anyway, howl's moving castle/hauru no ugoku shiro, the newest of the studio ghibli films, is about sophie, a young hatmaker who is cursed by the witch of the waste. in an attempt to remove the curse, sophie moves into magician howl's moving castle.

there's a lot more to it than that. a lot. and it is STUNNING visually. (i mean, look at howl. he's really quite attractive for a cartoon character, don't you think?) it's affected me so much that i've been having dreams about this film. (no, not that kind of dream, you perv. sheesh!)

i just finished the book that it was based on (also called howl's moving castle by diana wynne jones.) it's just as great as the movie.

look, just promise me you'll see this movie if you can? you'll thank me.


wenhao said...

I'm in love with Howl.... his voice to be exact. It's a Japanese actor named Takuya Kimura.

Did you catch Spirited Away? I felt it was better than Howl's Moving Castle.

r4kk4 said...

i have to wait until the spring of '06 to hear takuya kimura, wenhao. (it make me sad.)

when the studio ghibli movies are shown in the theatre in the u.s., they are dubbed in english. i always want them to be subtitled because i don't like dubbing, but there's nothing i can do.

oh, yes! i love "spirited away"! and i think that "howl" was better! but my favorite miyazaki movie is still "my neighbor totoro".

wenhao said...

OOhh... no wonder.

We have 2 versions at the cinema. The original with english subtitles and the dubbed version.

i've yet to catch "my neighbour totoro"! ahhh... gonna rent it this weekend.

r4kk4 said...

there's supposed to be a new version of totoro being released by disney in the spring of 2006 in the states.

the fox version (bad english dub only) is really the only one that i can get my hands on. unless i order from japan.

if you live in the states, wenhao, i'd tell you to go ahead and rent the fox release but be ready for the new version of totoro in ths spring. (disney, although i don't ususally care for them) has done a fantastic job of releasing two disc ghibli sets.