Monday, June 20, 2005

summer burn

i so *heart* new music! esp when it comes in the form of a mix cd! (i used to love mix tapes too. i still have a few near and dear ones kicking around. and i'm so getting this book after we move!)

herein lies the rub: my friends are lazy. no one makes me mixes anymore! but lookit what irregular shed pointed out! summer burn!!!

the gist of it is, you make a mix cd (that you then make two copies of), sign up at the site and then mail said mixes off to the addresses that you recieve (via email). in return, you get two cds from two different people! SO t eh rock!!

it's open to intl participants so, go make some mixes! just remember that this is super last minute (sorry, i only found out today!) and that mixes have to go out, like, wed at the earliest. (you've got a week to mail it. here's their faq if you need further clarification.)

airmail's cheap for something as light as a cd! and you don't even have to fill out a customs form! (or if you do, it's the tiny green one) so get burning!


Lisa B. said...

I'm making you a mix cd. No shit--I started it last week, way before you even posted this!

r4kk4 said...

omg! thank you!!! you are SOOO sweet!! *kisses!!!*

you aren't one of the lazy friends i was referring to, you know. that would be...well, they know who they are.

r4kk4 said...

oh, i forgot to mention that i'll be returning the favor!