Monday, February 18, 2008

quaker oats, the sun and more thingaday items

this past weekend i was feeling my oats. like, literally.

it's for suspect and fugitive, of course.

while i was making it, leff laughed at me. the man who was playing virtual bowling in the other room thought that *i* was the silly one.

ok, so sunday was library day. again. (yeah, i read a lot. so what? i'll papercut you!) after a brief stop at top pot where leff got a bullseye,

i finally tracked down the "none of us" building.

i say "finally" like i'm all cptn. ahab with this white whale obsession. i found out about "none of us" about a week ago.

right, the library.

it was too nice to stay inside for long so i grabbed some books and we headed to the water.

that could only be a more touristy shot if i'd taken it on a ferry with, like, a cup of coffee from pike place market in my hand.

the olympics made a grand appearance.

everyone was taking pictures of them

even if there was a calder in the way.

here are some chairs.

they didn't take pictures of anything. in fact, they just kinda' sat there. you know what chairs are like.

wanna' see some stickers and paper and stuff? ok!

i don't know if this is the electrical pole that had paper arranged to look like an 8bit mario on it or not but it's located by ais and involved a lot of stapling. ergo, it is cool. you know, 'cause of the staples.

shed thinks this one looks like the milk carton from that blur video. i agree.

two more and we'll get to thingaday.

i worked a lot with fiber for thingaday this weekend. that's not such a good thing since i suck at fiber art for the most part. anyway, here're some felt deer antlers.

and a dry felted peep.

that's the first thing i've ever felted. it's not that great but, you know, it'll do...for now.

i ordered some cooool ass pot holders (did you know such a thing existed?) from southern accent crafts.

they remind me of the potholders i used to see in older southern ladies' houses when i was growing up. long story short, i had to have them since i'm feeling a little homesick. (it happens every feb. no, katty kat, that doesn't mean i'm flying to memphis.)

'k, so that's it. have a great pres day if you're in the states. if not, then, you know, happy monday and all that.

personally, i'm gonna watch clips of animatronic lincoln.


Cakespy said...

I can't even say how much I love this blog and all your pictures. Esp. the fact that it's all in my 'hood!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, cakey dear!!

i didn't realize you were headquartered in the lqa too! that's awesome!

also, i cannot tell YOU how much i love YOUR blog! we're sisters in sugar! :D!