Sunday, July 09, 2006

the ballard of john and yoko

jesus, the pain i inflict with titles like that!

today was a ballard day. (well after we had breakfast at bamboo garden. delicious!)

we were originally going to see the new "pirates of the caribbean" at the bay (nautical themed, sweet meats! arrrr! but it's appropriate!) but it was sold out.(we didn't find out until later.) still, a fun day in that we hit the new okok location where i picked up this brockman light vol 2 wild animals figure.

the starbucks card is not from okok. it is, in fact, my $4 "literary latte" card that i got from the library. (you read 3 books, you get free coffee. (one time deal only))

leff and i also stopped by space oddity where there is an absolutely fantastic old steel topped cabinet (that may have originally been used in a science class?) that would be perfect for an "entertainment center". (i hate those words in combination.) must go back. must haggle. must also pick up the vintage pac man portable that was on the back shelf.

i also picked up some pink thread at the craft store so i can finish the link needlework. that made leif erikson happy.

i hope it makes you happy too.

oh, before i forget, a photo of my favorite band poster of the moment.


Lisa B. said...

heh heh, Dumbledork! Oh wait, wrong blog ...

r4kk4 said...

mwah-haa!! :D!

thanks you anyway! :D!