Saturday, July 29, 2006

seafair parade

i'm not going to say it. nope, i won't say "i love a parade". i will say that i enjoy going behind the scenes at parades, however, because that's the truth. it probably comes from all the times that i was in my grandfather's shriner parades in small town east tn. he always drove his vw beetle with shoes tied onto the front and back of the car and i waved and waved and handed out balloons and candy.

yeah, i don't quite understand that either but it happened.

anyway, the seafair parade was tonight. leff and i hoofed it to the center so we could get some photos and video before the whole thing went marching down 4th ave. here we are almost there.

the first band that we saw had snazzy red outfits. (apologies in advance for not knowing the names of bands, troupes, etc. i didn't take my notebook with me. sorry.)

the media was filming them too.

i can never pass up a chance to take photos of cameramen.

here are some more various groups that were waiting for the parade to start. these guys are vaguely piratey with their hats! (such cute outfits!)

and here is military presence behind a giant inflatable red shoe.

avast! it's a blurry shot of the "moby duck"! (normally, i hate the ducks but this did make me laugh. a little.)

beautiful palominos.

followed by the inflatable area. i heart the inflatable area. esp this pirate.

here he is in action.

there was an orca too in front of the needle.

again, action time!

the jolly roger flag. ooooh! scary!

i told you there was a pirate theme, right? i didn't? oh, uh, there was a pirate theme.

here's my only vid of the actual parade.

that's a group marching in front of a data center. i don't really know why that's relevant, but there we are.

on the way home i got a picture of one of the creepiest ducks in the world.

*shiver* those eyes! the disney knockoffedness! *shiver*

also, we saw this cute puppy waiting outside one of the resturants on queen anne ave.

i think he's sad 'cause he didn't get to see the inflatable pirate.

and that, sweets, is my behind the scenes adventure at the seafair parade. i can't believe that i've done two festival type things in one day. (earlier, i had to wade my way through the crowd at ballard's seafood festival.

that's before the people got there. later on in the afternoon was when i waded through the people.)

now i'm off to finish the dairy queen. yeah, mock me all you want but it's the perfect fluffy read for this week. and, according to that link, jaclyn moriarity "...absolutely loved it!". for what it's worth.

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