Sunday, July 16, 2006

happy bastille day, two days late

here's the quick and dirty on the center's bastille day celebration.

first off there looked to be a lot of tasty food BUT in order to eat said tasty food, you had to buy tickets. i fucking HATE buying tickets for food at festivals. so i didn't. instead i opted for a brioche au chocolat from the boulangerie nantaise booth. it was a good choice!

it's blurry in the photo but it was mighty tasty in real life. we also picked up a loaf of olive bread because, well, who can resist olive bread? i know i can't.

there were two stages set up for bands. one outside of which i have no video and the center house stage which had ACCORDIAN MAGIC!!

i sound like i'm being a smart ass but i really enjoyed this. i harbor a secret love for the accordian. oops! looks like it's not so secret any more...

also in the center was a statue of liberty rendered in lego.

anything rendered in lego is awesome. this was no exception.

and that's it really. i think there were going to be cooking demos but none were happening while we were there. and there were some cars. leff was kind of into that. i think he has photos somewhere.

so, in short, happy bastille day, two days late. i need to take a nap because i'm really cranky and i still have a houseparty to go to. it's not nice to be cranky at houseparties.


Seven said...

I also harbor a secret love of accordion music. I have a friend who occasionally sends me clips of him playing the accordion, and it makes me very very happy.

BTW, 826 wanted me to tell you how incredibly ecstatic they are that you are baking those cakes for the cake-walk. Like jump around ecstatic.

r4kk4 said...

omg! can i see some of those accordian clips sometime? cause that's just too cool!

oh noes!! so much pressure about the cakes! ;D i hope no one's disappointed with the finished results!