Friday, July 14, 2006

metblog partay, i can't remember things

so the metroblogging party went well! even the sign got drunk.

(photo courtesty of leff)

the cupcakes were kind of wasted too. seriously, check out the topless one in the back!

honestly though, it was nice to meet the other writers. i just hope that my entourage (leff and joe) weren't too bored when we talked about site stuff. (sorry, guys! thanks so much for going with me!)

anyway, tonight is harry and the potters and the munny show. will i make it to both? who knows. but i DO have a question-- does ANYONE remember what i'm supposed to be doing on saturday? i didn't write it down or gcalender it or anything and i have a nagging suspicion that there's something that i need to be doing.

oh well. i guess i'll remember it on sunday morning. it's usually what happens....


jrhyley said...

Cream cheese-based icing will always beat sugar-based. It's just true. Sorry Amy.

r4kk4 said...

it really, really does. i luuuuuurve cream cheese icing! (it works pretty well for sculpting too! esp when it's chilled.)

that amy recipe was weird in that there wasn't any fat besides what was in the half and half. *very* odd.

(i LOVE that tony shirt icon of yours!! it cracks me up every time! :D!)

Lisa B. said...

I think I saw your calendar, and written on Saturday was "Smoking crack" and "stealing hubcaps."

You're welcome!

r4kk4 said...

*smacking self on forehead*

oh YEAH! thanks! ;D