Saturday, July 22, 2006

sooooo exhausted!

today was waaaay busy! thankfully, leff and i were able to bump our hair appointment up to an earlier time so we were able to cram more into sat.

our plans changed pretty drastically. we weren't able to make the bus that would've gotten us to the ballard branch library on time so we headed to capitol hill for a yard sale that was benefitting a group going to burning man.

that's actually not their sign but i liked the balloons so i snapped a photo. i got a namco's greatest hits game for ps2 but it's bluebacked which means that i can't play it. le sigh. sometimes i hate my ps2.

after the sale (where joe mixed pbr and black cherry soda. dangerously close to skittlebrau, that.) we dropped by the phinney ridge comm center for the 826 benefit. here are the cakes melting:

we didn't stay very long because it was *really* hot. and in a parking lot. with no shade. still, it looked like it would've been a lot of fun. i hope that they had a great turnout!

after phinney, we drove around trying to find carkeek park for about an hour. we somehow kept just missing it.

once we got there, leff went wading and joe stacked rocks.

truthfully, we all went wading. it was a scorcher of a day and MAN was it nice in the sound!

late lunch was at gordito's which was followed by slurpees which we only got so we could put vodka in them just like in high school. and college. and, uh, last week... (i'm kidding about last week. well, not really but let's just keep that between us, ok?)

it's still really hot. leff has been sitting in a tub full of cold water while wearing his swim trunks. i've just been drinking. and watching movies with snow in them. i haven't gotten around to freezing my underwear, but i think that's next...

tomorrow promises to be almost as busy as today. hopefully, it will only be half as hot.


Lisa B. said...

Is Joe wearing checkered bermuda shorts? Please say yes.

r4kk4 said...

yes!! he is!!

he wore his checkered bermuda shorts with a blue smiths shirt! :D!

we heart joe!