Thursday, July 27, 2006

new project, spud

i started a new embroidery project last night. i'll have to restart it this morning because, well, to be frank, one should never attempt to embroider after downing a few vodka infused cherry lemonades from mcmenamins. one just shouldn't. (heh heh)

anyway, here's the progress from last night

and now i have a question. has anyone used spud before? it's an all organic online grocery store. (i read about it on seattlest the other day.)

we already get an organic produce shipment from tiny's and that's worked out *really* well. i'm hoping that spud will fill in the gaps for us (i mean, they have bread and cheese!) so that leff and i aren't always at freakin' safeway.

have i mentioned that i really like the "spend over $35 and get free shipping" part of spud? because, well, that's reasonable. i also like that they ship on tuesdays to my neck of the woods since that's the same day that tiny's delivers.

anyway, does anyone have an opinion to share about spud? many thanks in advance!


josh said...

I haven't tried it, but I got a couple of positive comments about the service when I wrote about it last year at metroblogging [seattle]

r4kk4 said...

that's good to know! thanks, josh!

(i didn't really do much searching beyond finding the spud link. oops!)