Tuesday, July 18, 2006

more cake + something healthy for a change

i thought that today would be a decorating day for the trio of tiny cakes. not so. want to know why? i conked my head pretty damn hard on the bathroom sink, that's why (more details here.)and i've been 1) super angry 2) confused since. (head trauma of any sort causes me to be *supremely* pissy.) no need to worry though, my pupils are both the same size and are dilating properly.

anyway, since decorating requires me to be a little spontaneous (and that wasn't happening today, toots) i decided to just go ahead and bake the other cakes. (following directions, apparently, isn't a problem.) and here they are!

they're yellow cakes. maybe i'll look up the recipe for you later.

and now to counteract all of this ooey-gooey sweetness, some fruit!

mmmmmmm! the cherry on the left is a summit cherry. it's supposedly the largest variety of cherry in the world. the other one is a lapins. they're both awesomely delicious! (so are the blueberries.)

i think i'm going to go have a nap now.


Santos said...

omg, are you sure you don't have a head trauma?!!!! hope you feel better!

r4kk4 said...

i probably had a very, very mild concussion, santos. no biggie really. it happens to me a lot. HAHAHAH!! thank you for asking though! :D!