Friday, July 21, 2006

three cake photos

i've got, like, five minutes since leff has gone to get some soda, so here are the three cakes in progress.

the chocolate cake that fell apart has been salvaged. it's now a gameboy cake.

i still need to paint tetris on the screen and i think i might make some tetris cookies to go with it. if it ever cools down. right now it's too hot to bake.

here's the ms. pac man cabinet coming along nicely.

and the centipede cabinet is not so bad!

it's been kind of difficult to work today since the icing keeps melting. (it's very hot, i think i've mentioned that.) i keep having to put cakes in the freezer/fridge. oh well. they'll be finished soon.

oh! time's up! cakes posted again when they're finished!


Lou said...

The gameboy one is my favorite. With a capital F. You just can't see it.

r4kk4 said...

i'll be taking a better photo of it before i send it on its merry way, promise! :D!

i just, uh, well, it's too hot to bother right now.....