Monday, July 03, 2006

i hate you and your damn journey song, party!, dark science

first off, i've got a bone to pick with whomever it was that sang a journey song in my general vicinity the other day because i've now had "don't stop believing" stuck in my head for two days!

so, whoever you are, i hate you and your goddamned earworm! argh!

x and k's party on saturday was awesome! vid of fire eating:

in case you hate videos, here's a photo of leff's.

i can't really elaborate on the party too much because 1) there was really good beer 2) there was some sort of incredible vanilla flavored bev. but i got home in one piece even if i don't exactly remember how.

oh wait! there was science at the party! and i have a video in which you can see NOTHING! (what actually happened in this dark science vid: x put a mento into a two liter bottle of diet coke. it spewed out all over the place.)

that movie makes me laugh *so* much!

ok, enough of this. i've got "brain age" to play and a sparkle hayter werewolf book to finish.

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