Tuesday, July 04, 2006

holidays kill my iq, cherries, butterstick gets older

holidays make me stupid. (well, dumber than usual. *wink*) i've been wreaking havoc all over t eh interwebs this morning.

sometimes, if i haven't had coffee, i need to remind myself to step away from the keyboard!

no, i'll not elaborate. but i will post a picture of some cherries.

butterstick's bday is today. i'm making something in honor of the little guy but it won't be ready until july 6th. mainly because i have to wreak more havoc on the remaining interwebs before then...

ok, i guess i should take out the recycling. it's starting to pile up on top of the stove...


Paul said...

I'm certainly assuming you mean the panda, not the other butterstick on that search. cuz, uhm, that would be weird. although, weird is good and all, who needs to celebrate the birth of creamy animal fat in twistable form.

r4kk4 said...

heh heh!!

yeah, i meant the panda.

i mean, butter's great and all but, yeah, it would be kind of weird to celebrate that. i mean, what would i do? churn cream all day? ;D