Monday, July 31, 2006

oh! hello!

hey there! i didn't forget about you! pinky swear! i've just been kind of busy and i had to do the day job thing. you know how it goes.

not too much has changed since sunday. i had a maple nut ice cream cone.

and leff and i saw the imax film the eruption of mt saint helens at pacsci in the crappy auditoruim.

two things of note: 1) seattle tourists are fun! a family that i will assume was from iowa made their daughter try to catch seattle rain in her hands while they took a photo. after she had accomplished this feat of bravery, her mother made her wash her hands with antibacterial lotion.

no, i'm not kidding.

2) imax movies are more fun when they contain writing like this-- "it took away the birds, the deer...the color green." HAHA!

and that's all i've really got. no, wait, i lied. here's a st. gene sticker.

he died for your sins, you know.

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