Saturday, July 15, 2006

harry and the potters + draco and the malfoys

a warning: this post is going to have a lot of photos because i promised the kat i'd document the show for her. also, it's probably not going to be very thorough since i have to bolt out the door to work in about, ooooh, thirty minutes.

the harry and the potters/draco and the malfoys show had an *awesome* turnout! leff and i got there at around 6:30 or so and the line had already snaked around the building. here are two crowd shots. entering the building:

and up the escalator:

and a movie. because i can.

(i like that movie because it shows the two dracos at the merch table before the show.)

anway, it was a fantastic crowd with a nice mix of kids, parents and hipsters. you don't see that blend very often.

draco and the malfoys opened and they're pretty darn rockin'! a blurry draco pic:

and a vid of "my dad is rich and your dad is dead". very funny stuff!

i wish that my camera was able to focus properly because i would have posted a lot more of the dracos. (if i'd had cash, i would've bought their cd last night. they're good!)

ok, so harry and the potters. so cute! and voldemort can't stop the rock! two harry photos. the harrys sans books:

the harrys through books:

a movie where they work the crowd with "wizard rock". totally cool!

another potters photo just so you can see these two cute kids. the one on the right had a wand that he was waving. absolutley *adorable*!!

again, the merch table would've been a bit more bare had i remembered to bring cash. it's the story of my life, i never have cash when i need it.

anyway, to recap, awesome show. the potters said it was one of the largest library crowds they'd ever played to. i highly recommend catching both them and draco and the malfoys if you can! and, kids, be sure to get an autograph!


Anonymous said...

So much fun on one tiny Bastille Day!

r4kk4 said...

didn't you hear? harry potter was INTEGRAL in the storming of the bastille. ;D