Thursday, July 13, 2006

talk talk + future cupcakes

in answer to last night's question about whether or not we could make it to the monk in time, uh, no. we couldn't. but NEXT WEEK! we're in like flynn who was, uh, apparently in all the time...

anyway, we did get coffee. and just to show you how meta my life is at times, this is me in a coffee house playing a game that's taking place inside of a coffee house.

seriously meta. i am so postmodern. *eyeroll*

we also got slurpees because burnt got one on free day and, well, i wanted a slurpee.

7-11 always makes me feel like i should be in an arcade, which left us no choice but to stop by fun forest for video games. no photos 'cause i was too into what i was doing. (although the finger that i broke earlier this year hurts 'cause it's pivotal for proper joystick maneuvering. ow.)

and "runway"? oh, it looks to be awesome this season! there're some really nasty characters (esp that british guy with that slimeball laugh) and some really talented people. plus, alison is *soooo* cute!

today i'm making cupcakes. photo later in the day. they're probably going to resemble claire crespo's "classic cupcake" just so you have an idea.

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