Saturday, November 19, 2011

bonus saturday post: jolie's ooey gooey maple blondies

it is cold in the pnw. coooooold. i have been living in a blanket burrito for weeks.

so what do i do to cope? well, first i bitch about it and question why i ever moved this far north and then i bake. luckily, jolie posted a new recipe on the awl yesterday for ooey gooey maple blondies.  it starts with butter and sugar, of course.

also added:  egg, salt, flour, maple syrup and maple extract. (click the above link for recipe.) i made a change (of course) as i didn't have maple extract. i subbed the vanilla variety instead.

i also didn't have the correct size baking pan. like this was going to stop me.

after baking for 30 minutes at 350, not only was the house warmer but i had ooey gooeyness to consume.

maybe i should ship these to atlanta so i don't eat them all.


jrhyley said...

Argh, no, keep those away from me. They look delicious, and I might be tempted to actually eat them.

Besides, you would be dismayed by how many baked goods are already in my fridge. Ugh, thanksgiving.

r4kk4 said...

In all honesty, the crack brownies are better.

AAAARG!!! THANKSGIVING!!! Do you have pies? I'm making a pie. I managed to get a can of pumpkin so HOORAY!

laura jean said...

My doofus Saturday morning brain thought that top picture was what you were making.
"Hmm. Bowl of brown sugar and melting butter? Reminds me of my tubby childhood. Bring it on."

r4kk4 said...

Oh, I've been known to eat stuff like that in depressive periods. Thankfully, not last night though! :D