Sunday, November 27, 2011

bonus sunday post: peri peri chicken

you know what happens when two brits mention a foodstuff independently on plus, right? yeah, i remember that i have some of it in the fridge and then look up a recipe.

what was the foodstuff in question, you ask? freakin' peri peri sauce.

were you aware that nando's has restaurants?! i had no idea until the other day. (it makes me feel kind of like a lurker but WHATEVER! if there is spicy food involved, i will fucking lurk until the cows come home. (what a weird mixed metaphor.))

anyway, would you just look at this sauce?

and all of this garlic?!


according to the recipe, the chicken has to marinate for two hours. you know what can be leisurely consumed in that amount of time? yes! two g&ts!

although there is only one pictured above.

after a bit of frying, voilĂ ! peri peri chicken is ready for consumption!

i'm sure it doesn't look right but I DON'T CARE! use the recipe that i linked to! HERE IT IS AGAIN!! so you don't even have to scroll. there are even recipes for two types of peri peri sauce!

seriously, i'm the best person ever for linking to that. you're very welcome.

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