Monday, November 14, 2011

rhyley in seattle, day 6

you know i'm only still recapping daily 'cause 1) ya'll're so in love with rhys (follow his tumblr!! he's not here for much longer!!) 2) it's getting back to the point where daily recapping has gotten funny again.

no, really. it has.

'cept sunday wasn't funny as it was a work day and it really made my head hurt. although, maybe it wasn't the work but the fact that i've not managed to be entirely sober any day since, oh, last tuesday.

anyway, "sekrit projekt" has made solid progress. enough that we can tell you about it in public? soon.  until then, those of us who live in the states (sorry, shreds) will be annoying each other with bad 80's music.

i totally would've won with mc luscious but turntable doesn't have that song. *eyeroll*/iknow,right/etc.

another issue is the lack of sync when using it on three laptops in the same room.

i'm going to distract you with a bowl of hummus now. LOOK! HUMMUS!

today we head back to seattle to finish ALL OF THE THINGS that we did not do the last time we weren't playing "skyrim" and i was taking power naps. I'VE GOT THE POWERnaps!!

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