Friday, November 25, 2011

it's a pippi longstocking friday!

this is the last post where i'll be using turkish delight and treasure hunts* as source material and i've saved the best for last.  it's pippi longstocking*, something something ho ha ha!

turkish delights suggests all kinds of crazy go nuts things to do in regard to pippi like making a giant creme cake and then smashing your face into it all langstrumpf style. buuut, seeing as how yesterday was thanksgiving and i didn't want to eat anything else, i miniaturized the cake.

it's made from two cupcakes that i cut the tops off of and then glued together with blackberry jam before frosting and topping with a cherry.

and leff didn't so much smash his face into the cake as smash the cake into his face.

another baking suggestion was gingersnap hearts. i, of course, didn't have all of the ingredients (do you honestly expect me to be prepared for any contingency at this point?) and had to sub molasses for maple syrup.

also i rolled the dough out on a counter top before cutting out hearts instead of using the floor like pippi would have done because 1) i'm an adult? yes, i'm an adult. 2) no, that's it really. i'm an adult.

even without the maple syrup these were very tasty.

i DID stay true to longstocking form when cracking eggs for pancake batter

but i didn't flip the pancakes so high that they stuck to the ceiling. (see previous gingersnap reasoning.)  fwiw, these were chocolate chip pancakes with blackberry jam. no maple syrup, remember?

since the turkish delights author apparently likes pippi just as much i do, she had some activities listed for the lindgren books.  leff and i considered having a tea party in a tree but it rained 4" in 24 hours here this week and, yeeeeaaah, no way in hell.

i did take the idea of doing circus tricks to heart, however, and cracked out my best one. yay! i'm a contortionist!

ed note:  don't try this at home. i'm a professional at unhinging joints due to a genetic disorder. yay? go me?

monday we'll return to a regular posting schedule until i find a new book to stunt blog. the excitement, she is palatable, non?

*links will take you to amazon. i am an amazon affiliate. should you purchase either pippi longstocking or turkish delight and treasure hunts through these links, i will receive monetary compensation.

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