Wednesday, November 09, 2011

rhyley in seattle

yesterday i took the seattle light rail for the first time. (this is obvi not a picture of the train but the transit tunnel. still, thanks for offering to correct me, pedant.)

why take the light rail? did you read the title? if you didn't, it was because i met rhyley at the airport!!

no, that sculpture is not at the airport. shhh, calm down. it was taken shortly after we had lunch with leff at opera sushi.

we had a busy first day full of coffee

and sightseeing.

did you know that the pirate boat ride at the center has been replaced by large plastic tomatoes? i didn't. *cue music*

we spent most the first day in queen anne both lower and upper.

and even managed to wedge in the sculpture park before having to grab more coffee.

i ask you. is there ever a time when someone isn't taking band photos at the sculpture park? should we declare this trend over? meh, i don't care enough to form an opinion.

but i can tell you that it has been hella (HELLA!) fun hanging out with rhys!

fun fact! he's one of the few people i know who isn't camera shy! hooray!

will this be a daily update situation? idk? depends on how much 1) we've walked 2) i've had to drink. check back tomorrow iffin' you wanna'.


Lisa B. said...

When I come to Seattle I won't be camera shy.

r4kk4 said...