Monday, November 21, 2011

lots of generalities

to infinity and beyond?

erm, not quite. i've been trying to stay all happy up

since rhys has left but i'll be honest. no amount or variety of persimmon

is really gonna' help as i'm STILL mega depressed about everyone i give a shit about living so far away. star crunch!!

in happier news, i had an everything bagel with lox for lunch the other day.

and i located a roasting pan which i carried through all of downtown seattle on saturday.

also, i own ALL OF THE TURKEYS!!

don't even try to get one.

dvd wise, it's been a lot of ealing up in here in addition to the completion of the first season of the new "rooby" and "adventure time".

will i occupy nutcracker?

i gesso.

continuing on tumblr, although why i still use that piece of shit site i'll never know, is pax

and excheckered.

i've also started a new series of insanely small paintings

which may or may not be available in my shop the day after thanksgiving. stay tuned?

bonus posts coming up all this week so make sure to drop by! new stunt blogs! woo!

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