Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day 8-- rhyley goes back to atlanta and we are all very sad

rhys had to head back to atlanta today which brings up the question, why does everyone i like have to live so far away? mope, motherfucking, mope.

we didn't have time to do any more of the things before heading to seattle. that was sad enough. what is sadder though is having to sit in a starbucks. aw, sad rhyley. :(

the ferry was an half hour late due to extreme fogginess. as such, we had a bit of time to kill.

you can't tell in that photo because we're all using our phones, but we're all about to cry.

in fact, leff almost lost it on the ferry. sad leff!

i think he was particularly upset that he couldn't head to the airport with us as he had to go to work. poor thing.

rhyley and i continued being sad on our own, however. here he is being sad in the bus tunnel

and while checking in at seatac.

i kept a stiff upper lip and was only sad when i could look like i was on myspace.

today we are all icelandic ponies.

even this pumpkin that i found this afternoon for rhys is all busted up.

next week i'll return to a regularly scheduled post. minus rhyley. which is sad as you may have gathered.

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