Wednesday, November 23, 2011

heidi style toasted cheese

it's still a holiday week in the u.s. which means it's time for another installment of kidlit stunt blogging from turkish delight and treasure hunts*.

as promised in the last post, today i'm getting all heidi * on your ass. although, wow. how would that even work?? NO, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

what?  oh, right. so there's this part in heidi where her grandfather makes her toasted cheese over a fire that they then consume on bread. does that not sound delicious?!? thankfully, we at casa rakkaleff have a backlog of hardwood so making a fire was no big deal.

no seriously. that is a backlog. (third definition, go for it.)

in case you weren't aware, building a fire is lots of fun for the whole (blurry) family.

not much else is required for this "recipe" other than cheese and some sort of stick implement on which to place said cheese.

it is easy peasy. easy cheesey?

except maybe use longer stick things so you don't burn yourself.

(did you hear me laugh in this video after leff singed himself? yeah, guess who had been drinking.... *clearing throat*)

i cannot tell you how wonderful slightly burnt and melty cheddar cheese on crusty bread tastes. it. is. heaven. do yourself a favor and make this sometime!

maybe don't bother with s'mores though unless you happen to have left over halloween candy. pro tip: you can use saltines and it doesn't matter because s'mores are basically hideousness incarnate.

i can't stop myself though. any time there is a fire and some marshmallows, i have to toast them. (i used to be a camp counselor. old habits die hard?)

also, as i mentioned earlier, i had been drinking. and, uh, i like fire when i've been drinking.

but i apparently don't like it enough to melt chocolate. *shrug* that's what microwaves are for.

next time on kidlit stunt blogging: pippi longstocking? pippi longstocking. but there will be a thanksgiving related post before the langstrumpf shows up.

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