Sunday, November 13, 2011

rhyley in seattle, day 5

uuungh, we have been drinking like we don't want to live. and instead of spending time in seattle, we've been exploring "skyrim". rhyley sums things up more succinctly than me, so click and learn.

the only thing that i did other than watch the new "elder scrolls" was make deep fried wonton dumplings. here are the fillings that went with cream cheese:  crab, jalapeno, turkey bacon and, what's that? yes. nutella

let me further burn that on your brain.

contrary to what i said above, i didn't mix it with cream cheese 'cause nutella does not need to be improved upon.  but ohmygodyoushouldmakethisathome. doooooo iiiiiit!!  report back with your results.

today is more sekrit project work. oh wait, i meant "work" as we're just playing games and drinking. or not. but there will be a new team member who doesn't have a nickname yet so it should be fun.

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