Thursday, November 03, 2011

a general post so i can start bumping halloween off the front page

this week has been nuts like party mix. a certain someone is heading out here from the atl for a "sekkrit projekt" and i. can't. wait. to see him!

i guess that's a shortish way of notifying you about the possible general lack of posts next week. and also to get you ready for seattle tourism posts.

look, i don't mind seeing seattle with another southerner. we are going to be so cold and miserable together. also, possibly drunk a lot. will my latent southern accent come back? um, probably not, but maybe?

(an aside regarding said latent southern accent which is actually a pro tip for random seattle guys:  upon finding out my region of origin, do not whine/plead "oohnnn!!southernaccentsare SO! HAWWT! DO IT! dooooooooooiiiiiiiit." dudes, it's creepy. i don't mind doing my "impersonation" for certain people (esp when it's appropriately funny) but demanding that when you're a stranger just...ick. (please don't ask how often this has/does happen(ed).  blargh.))

um, where am i? oh, right. so here's a funny thing. if one were to place a hold on a catalog listing marked as "book club" at one's local branch library, the result might not be what one would expect. no, it won't be a book with a section of book club questions in the back as one might think. nah, it'll be 15 copies of a freaking little house book.

leff drug all of these back to the casa, plopped the bag full of wilder on the coffee table and laughed "i got your boooks!"

have i mentioned that i've been watching a lot of ealing movies lately? i know i haven't because i've just started. *shoulder shrug* yesterday i got my mitts on copies of "kind hearts and coronets" and "passport to pimlico".  (a really fantastic pickle painting from lara also arrived!)

love ealing! have ordered more movies! will track down the studios when next in london!

here's some extra halloween stuff as a buffer. i know that i said i was going to bump halloween off the front page but i lied.

excheckered has really been amusing me lately.

why not click over and see if you can figure out why i'm making myself laugh. (oh, hush. you know things wouldn't be quite so entertaining if i just spelled everything out for you.)

*quick glance at clock* and i've just realized that i need to get back to cleaning this place. rhyley's allergic to these cute little bastards

so i've got to do a thorough "decat" which means locating every dust bunny (dust kitten?) and obliterating it.

maybe i'll see you next week? if not, you can check out these two sites of mine which will be autoposting.


jrhyley said...

Note to self: develop exaggerated southern accent for use as nuclear option for flirting with Seattle dudes.

r4kk4 said...

hon, you're not going to have to develop anything. you're going to pwn this region! :D

but we can exaggerdrawl for fun, iffin youse wanna'.