Tuesday, November 15, 2011

rhyley in seattle, day 7

monday we got our mojo (jojos) on

and headed back to seattle. it was dope.

or was i a dope? or was it just the fact that we grabbed doppios at zeitgeist before heading to the international district via the train station? (does it matter? not really. we only went to zeitgeist to ogle the hotness.)

we crash coursed the id by hitting uwajimaya, kinokuniya, pink gorrilla, the gate, and a vietnamese/cambodian noodle shop none of which are pictured. oops. i *do* have video of waterfall park though

which we passed through on the way to trabant for more coffee. what? don't look at me that way. they have a clover machine.

we also briefly occupied occupy

and passed cray

before reaching our true occupational location, the main branch of the seattle public library.

i'm realizing in hindsight that we probably should have stopped trying to see all of the things at this point (look, don't ever vacation with me. i've been known to make people walk so much that they lose toenails.) but no. we pushed on because stripey elephants

and the monorail (not pictured here but videoed by rhys (all 2:04 of it).) beckoned.  also there was some sort of siren call being sung by this huge cube at pacsci.

see also, sweet, sweet carnivorous songs from robot dinos.

but gegor samsa will always creep me out.

oh, i've forgotten to say that we arrived at pacsci an hour before closing so we didn't spend nearly enough time in the butterfly room as we could have. (look, it's warm and humid so it's perfect for freezing southerners who have found themselves in a latitude too far north.)

look! a coffee tree!

you sucka' mcs

best believe that we were 8 billion miles past exhausted at this point. and no amount of pocky, persimmons or dirt flavored hard candy eaten on the ferry was going to revive us.

i still managed to wear all of the glasses, however

because bitches will.

today promises to be sad as rhys heads back to the atl. mope, etc. WHY MUST EVERYONE GREAT LIVE SO FAR AWAY???!?! *icelandic pony*

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